A green climate initiative of CCDB

Solar Tracker


Solar Tracker is a device that follows the Sun as it rotates from the east to the west daily. By keeping the panel upright to the Sun, more sunlight strikes the solar panel, less light is reflected, and more energy is absorbed.

Benefit for the User:

  • With solar tracking, power output can be increased by about 30-40 percent
  • Cost-effective
  • Sustainable renewable energy

Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation:

Solar Tracker produces GHGs free electricity and reduces carbon footprint.

Regional Feasibility:

An on-Grid system is appropriate in grid areas all over the country and an off-grid system is applicable in remote & char areas.


Cost: On-grid BDT 60-70/Watt,

Off-grid BDT 120-125/Watt (Approx.)