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Solar Desalination Plant (Reverse Osmosis)


The solar desalination plant is an effective water purification technology that can purify any water source. This is used in remote coastal areas to filter salt water into safe drinking water.

Benefit for the User

  • Can purify any source of water into pure drinking water
  • Reduces the risk of water-borne diseases
  • Low operating cost.

Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation:

  • It is being used in the coastal areas of Bangladesh as an effective  technology to purify salt water into pure drinking water
  • Powered by solar energy, no greenhouse gas emission.


Regional Feasibility

  • All areas, especially in Patuakhali, Borguna, Khulna, Satkhira, Bagerhat etc. saline-prone coastal areas.


How to Purchase

The enlisted partner organizations of IDCOL sell qualified and sustainable products. Please choose the convenient organization from the following web link.



Around BDT 300,000 daily purifying capacity of approx. 1,500 liters along with a full solar system.