A green climate initiative of CCDB

Solar Aerator


The Solar Aerator is one of the important requirements of Aquaculture. It is a reliable aeration system whose presence in a fish pond/lake ensures the availability of wind action for oxygenation purposes at convenience.

Benefits to the user:

  • Aeration helps to add oxygen to water
  • Aeration helps to eliminate excessive algae
  • It helps to prevent mosquito infestation and remove foul odors from waterbody

Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation:

Traditional Aerator is run by grid electricity where burning fossil fuel (coal/gas/oil) is required and is highly responsible for climate change. Solar Aerator produces GHGs free electricity that plays a significant role in Climate Change Mitigation.

Regional feasibility:

All areas mainly coastal, char, island, and haor areas


Approx. BDT 50,000