A green climate initiative of CCDB

Pavement Energy


An experimental prototype board that could generate electricity from footsteps.

Benefits to the user:

  • Environmentally friendly electricity.

Contribution to Climate Change Mitigation:

  • Could be a new source of renewable energy

Regional feasibility:

  • All areas, especially busy footpaths, markets, airports etc. As an example: A 13 square meter PAVEGEN walkway has been installed at the Edgbaston Campus.University of Birmingham wanted to bring their community together and meaningfully connect with students.Helping to reclaim the ‘Green Heart’ of campus, students can now personally contribute their footsteps to help charge devices, benefitting themselves and the broader community. In a first for the UK, Pavegen (Pavement Energy) has also incorporated Siemens’ cloud-based information management platform MindSphere, helping to monitor key performance analytics of the activation.


Approx. BDT 20,000 for a 2 meter (6.56 feet) experimental board