A green climate initiative of CCDB

Global Warming Model


This is an interactive model that represents how Global Warming occurs, which factors are responsible for CO2 emission and how CO2 traps heat and increases the earth’s temperature.


Components and features of the two cities: 

Sl No Components for Clean City Components for Polluted City 
1Houses with rooftop solarTraditional houses with grid electricity
2Green forest zoneForest zone but look like deforestation
3Wind turbine and solar grid produce electricityPower plants produce electricity and emitted CO2
4Electric Vehicles are running on the road without smokeFuel burning vehicles are running on the road with smokes
5Environment friendly Brickfield (Tunnel  kilns)Traditional Brickfield kilns emitted CO2
6Irrigated crop field by solar Irrigated crop field by fuel or electricity
7Biogas cooking systemTraditional Fuel cooking system
8Solar IndustriesElectric industries
9Solar Street light in the roadsideElectric Light on the roadside
10Environment-friendly Waste Management using binTraditional Waste Management without using bin



The Polluted City is emitting CO2 and smoke through the power plant, brickfield and vehicles. On the other hand, Green city didn’t emitted CO2. On each city, the temperature will be measured with an indoor thermometer. After about some time, a clear temperature rise (over 1°C) can be observed.